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Welcome to Lotus Life Coaching for children and young people

Sue Webb cop 200x201Life Coaching is a great way of setting aspirational goals, becoming the best you can be - and overcoming challenges along the way. 

Children and young people need practical, individual-led and future-focused support. By setting realistic and personal goals with a coach, they can look forward to the future with positivity, develop skills to cope with life – and feel happy and successful.

"Life Coaching is not therapy or counselling. It is all about the future!"  Sue Webb (Lotus Life Coach)

Life Coaching can help children and young people to:

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24 Set aspirational goals and work towards achieving them

 Lotus Educationcropped 32x24 Develop self awareness and understand themselves better

 Lotus Educationcropped 32x24 Learn how to build better relationships with others

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24 Identify triggers to negative behaviour & learn how to avoid them or manage them


Lotus Educationcropped 32x24 Improve self esteem and self confidence

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24  Find solutions to problems

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24  Build independence and resilience

Lotus Educationcropped 32x24 Manage difficult emotions such as anxiety

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Why Lotus Life Coaching? 

The lotus blooms into a beautiful flower after growing through the muddy pond water.                           Sue's passion in life is to help people to grow through the muddy water of their lives to become the  best they can be. Just like the wonderful lotus!

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