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About Sue Webb - Lotus Life Coach

Sue Webb

Sue is a highly experienced educator and professional coach and is passionate about using her unique skillset to help children and young people.

Having worked in schools for many years and seen the increase in mental health issues and general well-being, Sue believes that by working with children and young people she can help them develop life skills such as resilience, self esteem, communication and relationship skills. They will then be able to cope with the challenges of life in better ways.

Sue uses her expertise to help people move forwards in their lives by setting and achieving personal goals. To feel successful, confident and positive. She helps people find a way out of their confusion or fear and manage anxiety and stress.

Working on building good relationships and communication skills increases emotional resilience and people are able to react in calmer ways when faced with difficult situations. Sue is able to help people understand themselves better, identify triggers to negative behaviours and through living by one's core values, become happier in their lives.

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