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Life Coaching for Teenagers/Young People


What can Lotus Life Coaching help young people with?


Lotus Life Coaching knows that young people go through particularly challenging times in life as they transition from childhood to young adulthood. They have to face the challenges of teenage years whilst undergoing hormone imbalances, changes to their bodies, peer pressure and a fast-paced world. They are also finding their place in the world and looking to succeed at school, possibly further education and eventually, the workplace. 

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Lotus Life Coaching can help young people to:

  • Set goals and work towards achieving their potential and successful outcomes

  • Talk through worries and anxieties, develop fresh perspectives

  • Cope with peer pressure; strengthen self-resolve and independence 

  • Build self-confidence and increase self-esteem

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Cope with stressful situations by applying learned techniques 

  • Develop better relationships within the family

  • Manage negative behaviours and emotions by identifying triggers and learning how to respond differently



How can Lotus Life Coaching help young people? 

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Sue is able to act as a trusted coach to young people who need someone other than parents or teachers to talk to.

Teenagers are experiencing many things for the first time in their lives, and may feel they are expected to know how to cope with issues without guidance or support. Even when it is offered, some young people are reluctant to accept help. Life coaching is a highly effective route to focus on whatever a person is working towards or is anxious about and help them to take the right actions and responsibility for finding solutions to the goals or issues. 

Sue provides a safe and trusted coaching environment, where young people can talk about their worries and frustrations with support and without judgement. Sue has a wide range of tools and techniques to facilitate discussion and others which she can teach young people to use to help themselves move forwards in their lives and overcome their problems. 

Sue's goal is for every teenager or young person to feel positive and motivated after a coaching session and to be able to take action towards the goal or goals they have set for themselves. 



Parental Involvement and Confidentiality

Sue will talk to a parent who has booked coaching sessions for their child before the first session to gain a perspective on the parent's desired outcomes. However, a young person should feel completely confident that what they talk about in their coaching session is conconfidential and only with their permission will Sue discuss anything that they have talked about.

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It may be very helpful for parents to know the goals that have been set, strategies or tools which their child may be using towards achieving the goals and other relevant or important things which have been discussed in the session so that they can support them at home. Time can be built into the session for a conversation with a parent afterwards if the young person would like that to happen, or alternatively a telephone appointment can be booked for Sue to talk to the parent. 

If the young person specifically doesn’t want parents to be told something, it is important that Sue respects their request unless it is a safeguarding disclosure and/or a legal matter which requires Social Care to be notified. 



How long are the sessions?

Sessions are structured for an hour. Parents do not need to accompany their child to the session, but if they would like to they are welcome to drop them off and pick them up - or wait in another room (tea, coffee, magazines, Wi-Fi available). If a follow-up conversation with the young person and parent is required, this is built into the hour's session.


To find out more, talk to Sue, or to book a Lotus Life Coaching session

Telephone: 01628 925 007

or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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