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Support for Parents


Every parent wants the very best for their child; for them to be happy and healthy and to enjoy  their lives. Happy girl and mum

However, the world children and young people are growing up in today is likely to be a vastly different one to that which their parents experienced as children. The pace is so much faster, communication is constant, media and social media have become the centre of many children's lives, time spent as a family may be less - or even virtually non-existent. There is no doubt that the children of today's society face many new or more difficult challenges than ever before. More than ever, schools and parents need to be there for our young people - but for a range of reasons - many children and young people aren't getting enough support, or the right support.. 

There are numerous studies which have been done with findings to show how tough things are for our children, how society is actually causing their unhappiness and, in many cases, mental health issues or just general unhappiness.


Mrs S Webb Sept 14 smallLotus Life Coaching was born from a headteacher noticing the alarming decrease in children's happiness and wellbeing. Sue was shocked to see what little support was available to children and their parents as they faced challenges and difficulties and looked for support and guidance.

The help that is currently available tends to be overwhelmed with the sheer number of parents and children needing urgent attention. Often, appointments with medical professionals or therapists take months to get.

From both her professional and personal life, Sue knows what a positive and powerful tool coaching is. Executive coaching is widely used with professionals and lifestyle coaching is becoming commonplace for adults. Whilst using her coaching techniques with children in schools, and undertaking a high level Professional Certificate in Coaching at Henley Business School, Sue realised that she could make a difference to the lives of families through coaching children and young people on an individual basis. Sue firmly believes that she can help the vast majority of children cope with the challenges they face; to overcome them, and to move forwards in their lives. The alternative in many cases is for these problems to grow until they become major issues which start to damage children's and their families' lives. Only then, does support become available - and that's far too late! 


Lotus Life Coaching is very much about helping parents as well as their children. Happy Mum with 2 childrenSometimes it is very difficult for parents to know how best to support their child, particularly if the child or young person either can't or won't talk to a parent. Parents need to know how they can support their child whilst children build their own 'toolkit' so that they are able to employ their own strategies for dealing with issues when they crop up in their lives. It is much more positive for our young people to be able to resolve their own issues than have to rely on their (very well-meaning) parents to sort things out for them. 

When a child or young person comes to Lotus Life Coaching, Sue will aim to involve parents as much as possible. Always, before the first session, Sue will have a conversation with a parent of her young client so that she can gain a clear view of the parent's perspective.  The parent might be concerned about their child in a general way; or it might be that there is a specific issue which has already been identified.

Life coaching is also a great tool for many people (adults and children) to take a proactive approach to improving their already-successful lives in finding ways to further fulfil their full potential. 


Happy Teen and dadWhen a child or young person has a coaching session, it is crucial that they feel able to trust the coach and that the session is for them to talk about issues which are of concern to them or the things they wish to work on in their lives. This may or may not match what the parent thinks - and it may take some time for Sue to build in what the parent has told her about. The child may talk about things that they wouldn't tell their parents - which actually may be at the root of the problem. Sue will encourage the child to give her their permission to talk to the parent about what has been discussed, but (unless the child discloses a matter of a safeguarding nature) if the child wants their conversation to remain confidential, this has to be respected.


However, either straight after the session or at an agreed time, Sue will be able to talk to parents about the tools and strategies that she has taught their child to use and Sue will work with the parent to make them aware of how to best support their child or young person. Sue will talk to the parent about how they can use the strategies and tell them about any other helpful resources or pratical methods they can use. This will usually be in the 'follow-up' time after the coaching session, so that the parent and child hear the same messages from Sue. However, if this is not appropriate or convenient, Sue will arrange for a separate conversation with the parent. 

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If required, Sue provides individual coaching sessions to parents and also to parents and children or young people together. Coaching is all about finding out what works best for people, how to overcome or deal with challenges and to move forwards. This can be done individually or with two or more people together. Sue is happy to discuss options over the phone, so it may be best to give her a call or an email to decide which is the best option for you and your family. 




To find out more, talk to Sue, or to book a Lotus Life Coaching session

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