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"Erika has never coped well with change and so we anticipated a bumpy ride when she started secondary school. It was, however, a lot bumpier than we thought and we were close to considering home tutoring but knew that in this case that would just be avoiding the problems that she would be bound to face again at some point. Erika was tearful every day, had lost all her joy and was so anxious that she was suffering from severe stomach cramps regularly. We had some help from the school but seeing Sue was wonderful for Erika. Sue was gentle and sensitive and insightful. She generously built up Erika’s self confidence and reminded her of various techniques that can be used during stressful situations. After no more than 6 sessions Erika was a far more resilient child. She is now thriving at school and enjoying life more fully than before. There are some things that a parent cannot always provide for a changing child due to the dynamics in the relationship and Sue proved for us to be the perfect solution. I highly recommend her. 

Lotus Educationcropped 177x121  Mum of Erika - age 12




"I wish we had come to see Sue a long time ago. We thought Sally was just going through a phase, but her self confidence went downhill fast when she started a new school year. We didn't understand why and Sally found it hard to talk to us - but Sue found a really positive way to work with her. We could see Sally changing back to her old self as she worked with Sue and now she has found more confidence and resilience than she ever had before. We are just so delighted."

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Mum of Sally - aged 10






"I was so concerned about my daughter Sue. As you know, she has always been a 'worrier' but since her move to secondary school, I have noticed her anxiety levels going through the roof and starting to show up in physical symptoms. You really helped her - through coaching - and the strategies you came up with together seem to be working brilliantly. It's not an overnight miracle, but I feel we have turned a corner and moving forwards in a really positive way. Thank you so much Sue"

Lotus Educationcropped 177x121  Mum of Jasmin - age 12



"We couldn't believe how positive Sunil felt about his sessions with Sue. He opened up to her over a period of weeks and has actually started talking to us as part of the family. He had withdrawn so much before, we just didn't know what to do. Sue coached Sunil and helped him to understand his choices in behaviour and the effects he was having on other people. Not in a judgemental way at all, but in a way which made Sunil feel ownership of his decisions. We just can't say thank you enough!"

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Parents of Sunil - aged 15





"Sue, I am so grateful for your help with my daughter. You made her feel so at ease and comfortable whilst talking to you, she is feeling so much better and learning to deal with the anxiety she is suffering with. I will definitely be returning and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others. Thank you for making my daughter smile again! "

Lotus Educationcropped 177x121  Mum of Molly - age 8



 "Sue - you have helped our family so much. Thank you. Andrew's behaviour has matured so much in just a few weeks - and it seems that he understands himself so much better than he did before. As a family we are all trying to support him and each other. I think this has brought us all closer together."

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Mum of Andrew - aged 10





"You've helped to change our family Sue - thank you! Both of us were very worried about our daughter. It felt as if we were losing her, but after her sessions with you, she is almost back to the daughter we had before she moved to her new school. She has learned alot about herself and we have learned about ourselves as parents and how to relate to her in a better way as she grows up."

Lotus Educationcropped 177x121  Parents of Lily - age 12



"I just wanted to let you know that when I saw Alex bouncing along, I knew instantly that he had had a really good time in the session. When I asked, he said he'd like to come back to you for another chat. We've already done some of the things you suggested. Thank you!!!"

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Mum of Alex - aged 8




"I didn't think Jordan would want to see a coach. I was right. I really insisted he went to see Sue as I felt he wasn't coping very well with different things in his life. He isn't the easiest boy to get on with but I saw how well Sue related to him and was extremely relieved when both Sue and Jordan came out of the first session smiling. I understand that the sessions have to be confidential, and Sue has gained Jordan's trust through reassuring him that the sessions are for purely for him. But she has been able to support me as a parent in talking about how I can relate to Jordan better and manage his moods without getting drawn into conflict with him. Jordan has had 3 sessions so far with Sue and things are so much better than before in many ways."

Lotus Educationcropped 177x121   Dad of Jordan - age 16



"My daughter has only been to one coaching session so far, but we have already noticed a very positive change in her attitude towards her sister and we think she is trying hard to use some of the things Sue talked to her about. Sue told us what kind of changes to expect and also how to support Aisha. We are looking forward to the next session." 

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Mum of Aisha - aged 11




"As parents, we are delighted and, to be honest, quite surprised at how positively our son responded to his coaching sessions.  Sue was very welcoming and built a really good relationship with him almost immediately. She was able to encourage him to talk about what worked well in his life and gave him some tools to use for the times things weren't working well.  She communicated brilliantly with us so that we were able to continue the work at home and use strategies which worked very effectively. We would highly recommend Sue and Lotus Life Coaching to our friends and other parents for their children."

Lotus Educationcropped 177x121   Mum of Ben - age 7

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