Welcome and well done for taking the first steps towards a healthier you!

As your 'Wellbeing' coach, I am committed to supporting your journey to a 'flourishing' state of be-ing.
A happier, more resilient and more fulfilled you.

Which aspect of your wellbeing will we work on first?

  • Your physical health?   Your energy, vitality or motivation.
  • Your mental health?   Your emotions, ability to manage stress or anxiety – or to stop negative habits.
  • Your relationships?   Your connections to family, friends, colleagues.
  • Your confidence and achievements?   Your targets and goals.
  • Your purpose?   Finding the meaning for what you do – for yourself and others.
  • Your environment?   How you can be happier, where you are right now.
  • Your self-care?  Your kindness to yourself.
Sue Webb

Lotus Life Coaching is for people of all ages.
We all need to feel healthy, energetic, motivated and resilient.
Sue has extensive experience in working with children, young people and adults.

Who we help


Wellbeing coaching helps children develop tools & strategies for everyday life.

Young people

Wellbeing coaching can help young people set goals to overcome challenges.


Wellbeing coaching for students

Helping students navigate the transition from school to college or university.


We can help you to focus on feeling more positive, healthy & happy!


Coaching & mentoring for school leaders & teachers in the school environment.

Why Lotus Life Coaching?

The lotus blooms into a beautiful flower after growing through the muddy pond water. Sue's passion in life is to help people to grow through the muddy water of their lives to become the best they can be. Just like the wonderful lotus!