Young children are learning new things all the time. It's their job!
They are exploring the world, meeting new people, trying out different things, testing boundaries!

This is an exciting time in their development - but it can have its problems as well. Some children are naturally less resilient than others; some need more support than others.

Some children find social situations and forming relationships difficult.

Many children have a lack of self-confidence and can't find courage to try new things.

Why have wellbeing coaching?

Wellbeing coaching can help children develop tools and strategies to:

  • Start to get to know themselves and make sense of the world
  • Develop positive relationships with other children and adults
  • Manage emotions such as anger or anxiety
  • Build higher self-esteem and increased self-confidence
  • Cope with stressful occasions or events (taking exams etc.)
  • Deal well with problems at school
  • Manage worries about family members (eg, sibling rivalry, parental separation etc.)
  • Identify triggers or causes for negative behaviours or emotions
  • Become more resilient and cope with difficult situations

How can Lotus Life Coaching help children?

Sue’s vast experience – and enjoyment – of working with children and young people of all ages means she is able to use coaching as a perfect tool for breaking down barriers and helping her young clients to find solutions to their problems.

Sue is a trusted coach to children, and gives each child time and space to say what they want to say. She listens carefully, asks questions and helps the child to think about their goals or issues and how to positively take the next steps.

Sue supports children by developing a positive and encouraging relationship whereby the child feels comfortable in talking about, ‘what would make them happier’. There are many strategies that coaches use to enable children to talk about different things. Sue has a large repertoire of techniques and tools and is guided by the child as to what works best for them

What happens at a Lotus Life Coaching session?

As a parent, when you book your child’s first Lotus Life Coaching session, you will be required to have an initial conversation with Sue so that the reason for the coaching is clear and Sue can work around this agenda. During the first session, it is essential for the child to feel positive about the coaching environment and Sue will encourage the child to ‘own’ the session as much as possible and talk about whatever they wish to. The issues brought to the session by parent and child may match, but if they don’t initially it is important for the child to know what they want to focus on is being authentically listened to and addressed. It may connect with the issue brought by the parent, but if not, that issue will be addressed at the most appropriate time.

Through using effective tools and techniques, Sue will help the child to set a goal and find ways of achieving it. It is important that parents appreciate the child will be working towards this in their own way. By encouraging them to do this, they will be helping the child to find solutions to their issues, to feel in control and this will develop their self-confidence and resilience in finding solutions to challenges in the future.

Additional Information

Follow Up for Parents

After each session, a conversation between the coach and the parent is important. Sue will talk to a parent about what strategies the child has learnt and how family members (including brothers and sisters) can be involved and supportive; Sue will be able to teach parents the best strategies to use with their child themselves! The child is at the centre of this process and should feel that they are being supported by those around them, so being involved in the follow-up conversation ensures they feel valued by all concerned. If it is not convenient for this to happen straight after the session, an appointment can be booked for an alternative time.


A child should feel that what they talk about in the coaching session is confidential.They will, however, be asked for permission by Sue to discuss the goals set, strategies or tools they may be using towards achieving their goals and other relevant or important things that have come to light with parents. In this way, parents can be fully engaged and supportive of the child and also know what they are working on and potential changes they may notice. If a child specifically doesn’t want parents to be told something, it is important that Sue respects their request unless it is a safeguarding disclosure and/or a legal matter which requires Social Care to be notified.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are structured for an hour. Parents accompany their child to the first few minutes of the session for a check-in together and then wait in another room (tea, coffee, magazines, Wi-Fi available). For the last few minutes of the session, the parent is invited to hear from the child about what they have worked on, and talk to Sue about how they can continue to support at home. 

How much do sessions cost?

The cost of the first session is £55.

Subsequent sessions can be bought as one-offs for £55, or a block of 3 for £150 (£50/session).

Sessions are in-person only.

Coaching Parents and Families

Sue provides individual coaching sessions to parents and also to parents and children together. Coaching is all about finding out what works best for people, how to overcome or deal with challenges and to move forwards. This can be done individually or with two or more people together. Sue is happy to discuss options over the phone, so it may be best to give her a call or an email to decide which is the best option for you and your family. 

To find out more, talk to Sue, or to book a Wellbeing Coaching session

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