Wellbeing coaching for students

How are you feeling about being away from home?

The transition from school to college or university is huge for most young people!

For many, it's the first time they have been truly independent, lived away from home, made a whole new start in life.

Good colleges and universities provide services to help students with this change and to manage their 'new' lives.

There is a heightened awareness of the need for emotional support and mental health services such as counselling and therapy.

Why have wellbeing coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching can support you as a student in helping with:

  • Managing the change in lifestyle, being away from home, developing independence
  • Getting to know yourself better, managing your emotions
  • Forming new relationships, building confidence, managing social situations
  • Setting targets and goals, managing workload and meeting deadlines
  • Talking through worries and anxieties, strategies for coping with stress
  • Keeping physically healthy, diet and nutrition, exercise, sleep
  • Managing negative behaviours and emotions by identifying triggers and learning how to respond positively

How much do sessions cost?

The cost of the first session is £60.

Subsequent sessions can be bought as one-offs for £60, or a block of 3 for £165 (£55/session).

Sessions with students can be either in-person or online.

How long are the sessions?

Wellbeing coaching sessions are an hour long and are a space where students can talk confidentially and without judgement.

Sue provides a safe and trusted coaching environment, where students can bring their thoughts, emotions, worries and frustrations – and leave having worked through them with a kind and gentle person with expertise and belief in the person in the room.

Sue’s goal is for every student to feel positive and motivated after a coaching session and to be able to take action towards the goal or goals they have set for themselves.

To find out more, talk to Sue, or to book a Wellbeing Coaching session

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